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We help clients optimize best-fit solutions for their businesses, enabling growth by automating processes, visualizing insights, and integrating AI for maximum potential.

At AMPLIFY IT, we specialize in helping clients optimize best-fit solutions for their businesses using the Microsoft Stack. Our expertise allows us to drive growth by automating business processes, visualizing critical insights, and seamlessly integrating AI into your operations. By leveraging these powerful tools, we enable your business to reach its maximum potential and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

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Improve the sales process by knowing your customer well. Get automation tools, and with comprehensive customer insights, close more deals faster and more efficiently.

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Customer Service

Improve your customer servicing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Service. Our solutions allow for efficient case management, integrated knowledge bases, and real-time insights at your customer's fingertips.

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Revolutionize how you market with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Engage your audience through personalized customer experiences with the help of advanced analytics to drive more conversions.

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Project Management   

Streamline your project management process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Operations. Improve project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and performance tracking to ensure project completion on time and within budget.  

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Field Service Management

Enhance your field service operation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Get highly effective service delivery through robust scheduling, real-time resource tracking, and proactive maintenance.  

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Integration & Migration

From existing to Microsoft, we help ensure a smooth migration and integration process. We make the necessary integrations and migrations of your current systems and data with relative ease, reducing downtime and maintaining data integrity for continual business operations.  

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Custom Apps  

Build applications tailored to your unique business requirements using the Microsoft Power Platform. Our Custom Apps Solutions empower you to build versatile, scalable apps that enhance productivity and support specific operational needs.

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Business Process Automation

Automate your business seamlessly using the Microsoft Power Platform. Design and implement workflows to reduce manual activities, thus increasing the efficiency of many associated processes and enhancing overall operational agility.

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AI Solutions

Bring advanced AI capabilities to your business with the Microsoft AI Copilot. Our AI solutions deliver intelligent insights, automate decisions, and improve customer interactions to spark innovation and gain a competitive advantage.

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